Kanchan Karai is a professional voice over artist. She is lending her voice since 2005 for educational CDs, documentaries, audio books and movie characters.

She is one of the few people who possess the ability to read documents and records written in ancient script MoDi (मोडी).

Kanchan undertakes translation work and she also writes fiction in Marathi language.

In addition to writing fiction, Kanchan writes about blogging tricks and tips for Marathi bloggers. Some of her articles are featured in reputed newspapers, web sites and online magazines in India.

Kanchan published two online Diwali Magazines in 2010 and 2011 with the help of fellow bloggers for Marathi readers. In November 2011, Kanchan started a Blog Directory for all Marathi blogs on the Internet.

Being a self taught in Needlework and other crafts, Kanchan has immense love for handicraft, recycling and DIY projects. On 15th January 2012, she started a group on Facebook called Art and Craft lovers of India, for handicraft artists. There are more than 35,000 members active in this group.

In March 2015, Kanchan started a directory service for entrepreneurs in India. This directory is a free text ad service for small scale business owners.

All her website links are given above. Do visit and share your views.

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